Monday, February 25, 2008

Enlightening Your Monday

photo by Paul Schreiber

Are you still hesitating on making the switch from you old lightbulbs to the twirly shaped Compact Flourescents?The most common reasons I here are 1) their expensive 2) their odly shaped. Well, I haven’t completely switched, but I’d say we’re close. I have to say that the first thing I’ve noticed is that they last much longer. It seemed like I was always buying and replacing the standard bulbs. So right there I have to think they are worth the cost. But if that’s not enough for you here are some facts.

This chart from the American Lighting Association shows how much money you’ll save in one year by switching to CFLs.

And if that doesn’t convince you read this blog by the man who calls himself Mr. Electricity. A few quick items that he points out are:
  • Incandescent bulbs were patented in 1880, dinosaurs in our technological world
  • CFLs use 70% less electricity
  • Australia has made CFLs mandatory—there you go that should be all you need

If you want to find out more simple ways that you are wasting money in your home call Excel Energy. They offer a home energy audit for $35. But I think if you actually look at the inserts to your billing statement they may run occaisional specials on this service.

As for their funny shape, it’s just something to get used to.The shape does not make a difference to your lamps and who really cares?

photo by km6xo

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