Monday, March 24, 2008

$4.00 for Gas Likely

The gas station near my home must be keeping a close watch on the stock market. This is the only way I can explain their hourly changing prices. Okay, maybe I exaggerate. They may not change their prices hourly, everyday. They are suspiciously steady on weekdays.

As the price of a barrell of oil sets new trading highs everyday the prediction that we'll see $4.00 for a gallon by this summer seems likely. Scratch that. "Likely" is an understatement. Summer prices are always higher. That's not because we're driving more. It's due to the Summer Blend fuel with additives that help reduce emissions, decrease smog and cost more. The switch to summer (I think) is May 1. I couldn't find an exact date for Colorado. If you here differently let me know.

So start adjusting your budget or changing your ways because if you haven't already felt the pain at the pump this summer you probably will.

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