Sunday, March 2, 2008

Find a Penny Pick it Up, All Day Long You’ll Have Good Luck

As a blogger I read a lot of blogs. You wouldn’t believe how many niches there are out there in the blogosphere. If you’ve got time to waste you’ll find the most obscure stuff. Right now I won’t spoil it for you. You can dig around on your own. Unless of course you’d rather spend your precious time gaining some income. Like some bloggers that I found.

I was pleased to find a hefty number of blogs dedicated to the recording of found change. Brian at Change is Good meticulously counts every penny that he finds each day. Since January 19, 1998 Brian has found over $677.31. Naturally, I have to wonder what he does with this incidental income, but he doesn’t say. So I looked at his friends list and found oodles of other found change bloggers. Andy at Found Money Jar blogs about the change he finds and cash he gets from bottles and cans. He also shows running statistics of his findings. Other found money bloggers donate their findings to their favorite charity at the end of the year. As of yet I haven’t uncovered any organized group for found money hobbyist. But I suspect that there’s got to be something like my sometimes pastime I haven’t done this for quite awhile, but I when I do I always leave a penny in the cache.

Collecting change is one those things that you learn as a kid. Get a jar, add some change, watch it fill, count it—Spend it! But can collecting loose change make you rich? I Googled this question and couldn’t find an answer in 30 seconds, but my guess is not really. Found Money Jar proves that cashing in bottles and cans adds up quicker than loose change and both can certainly add to your assets. But personally I like the idea of giving the collection to charity. Regardless, I won’t look at found change the same way again after reading a dozen or so of these bloggers. By the way, I found a crisp dollar on the floor of a local coffee shop yesterday. I pocketed it without even looking around.

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