Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wallets of the Future

The other night I was at a restaurant with friends. I had to leave quickly and the waitress was taking an unusually long time to pick up the bill with my check card. By some freakish luck I happened to have just enough cash in my wallet. Believe me, that never happens. So I decided to leave the cash and be on my merry way. But as I was about to boogie out, my friend said, "Do you want to take that with you?" She was pointing to the card I had left on top of the cash. Uh-yeah.

"You need a buzzing wallet," my friend suggested.

She's very funny so I thought she was joking, but she wasn't.

We carry so much valuable information in our wallets it's only a surprise that few people carry what are called "Smart Wallets."

Smart wallets range in technology. The Beeping Wallet let's you know if your card or i.d. has been out of your wallet for too long. The ACM Wallet stores your cards in individual slots that are accessed by push buttons. Then there's a whole new generation of wallets that protect your cards from RFID theft (in short they block the encoded personal information on your cards, such as passports, driver's licenses and credit card from being lifted). Many more smart wallets are in development and awaiting patents.

To be sure these futuristic wallets are likely to become more standard.

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