Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day

As I drive my kids to their various activities this morning I have to smile as I see so many people walking, biking and waiting for the bus. It's the increasing numbers of commuters that make me glow. And it's not even bike/walk to work day! (That's next week.)

The beautiful thing about this isn't just that these people are using alternative transportation. It's that they're out there. They are visible. They are seeing and greeting each other. They are getting exercise. Suddenly there are so many people in what used to be a community of cars and houses.

Now I hope you've caught the irony that I'm noticing all this while I'm driving. I'm not proud of that. But then again I don't think my teenage son would appreciate my hauling him to football practice in the bike trailer.

photo credits: biker by richardmasoner, skate kid by GobberGo, bus stop by Kris Cohen , walker by rrazor , suburbia by me

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