Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Babies Steal Your Money

Everyone says that once you have a baby your entire life changes. And you know's true! You've not only added another person to your life, a person who can't do anything for themselves, you've entered the 6th dimension. That's when logic, reason and common sense money skills are completely overruled.

When you think that you need an stroller that costs nearly $400 or a $500 changing table. Or if your baby shower list is longer than you are tall, then you've completely fallen into the the baby crazed dimension.

How does this happen? It's an old phenomena called "Keeping up with the Joneses" and it can happen to anyone even the nicest, most down-to-earth, logically people--even you.

And you know what? No one (other than your mother) will tell you when you've gone over the edge. Everyone just smiles at your new purchase and never asks how your credit card or credit score are feeling. That's because they leave your house in one of two ways: their either shaking their head at your sorry state, or their thinking that their child is sad and suffering because they don't have the latest in infant software.

Here's the reality. People have been raising babies for centuries without fancy gadgets. You can too. Children do require a lot of your money for valid stuff like education, food, basic clothing, etc. They will also never stop needing your money--no matter how old they are. Think of all the ways your own parents have helped you. Is the real reason your not a famous artist because they gave you finger paints instead of a $200 easel when you were a preschooler?

Listen all the gear and fancy play things are nice, really nice but they aren't needs. They are wants or even less they are likes. That spendy stuff is for grandparents to buy as gifts to accessorize your adorable one. Let them make up for their leftover guilt of not buying that kind of stuff for you.

If you're lucky enough to have disposable income to purchase the finer stuff for your baby, remember this: they can't tell if it's awesome, they don't care if it's used. Save your money for things they'll notice like a college fund.

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