Monday, August 11, 2008

Home Buyers Request Test Drives

Just when I think they've got a Reality TV show for everything I learn of a new one. Yes, I'm a bit behind, but really who can keep up? On TLC's Date My House prospective buyers get to try out the house before making an offer. They might sleep over or even hold a dinner party. Similarly HGTV's Sleep On It let's viewers peek in as prospective buyers spend the night and give a house a try.

But now TV becomes reality as some buyers are making creative requests. It might be as mild as coming for extended showings at different times such as morning, noon, night and weekends. Or they may actually ask to sleep over. It's not unusual for the buyer to make requests for carpet allowances or ask that some fixtures or appliances be included. But as sellers become more desperate the buyers market has the upper hand.

If you're a buyer you might think about some creative ways to get a feel for a house you're considering. If you are a seller don't accept buyer request without thinking it through. If a buyer wants to spend the night you should consult your real estate agent, your insurance company and a lawyer. Anytime you let someone into your home you could open yourself up to risks. A simple contract can help protect you or ward off those that aren't serious.

Desperate times might call for desperate measures but creativity and forethought could make the sale.

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