Friday, August 15, 2008

Savings Challenge and Perserverance to Save $.30

So a few weeks ago I agreed to take on Ginny Brady's Saving Savings Challenge over at Boardcast. I have to admit it is quite a challenge. Finding savings aren't that difficult, but actually depositing that savings is tough. It's especially tough when the savings aren't physical--since I never carry cash. So this weekend I'll be putting together a simple Excel spreadsheet where I'll log my savings.

Meanwhile, I recently read this post by Donna Freedman. To summarize Donna stood her ground on the right to save just a bit of money at a retailer. This is something I never do. Maybe it's because I don't like confrontation, but mostly I believe that everything just evens out eventually. If I lost a $3 savings one time another will come sooner or later. But this post inspired me to stand my ground.

I've been cheated from savings about half-a-dozen times in the past couple of months at Starbucks. It's not usually much money so I just let it go. Like the many times they forgot to give me my free soy and free syrup with my rewards. And the one time when after I pointed out that they forgot the manager shrugged her shoulders and handed me a dime. That was insulting the savings would have been $.60. But these are cases where I figure it's not that much money so who cares.

But yesterday I was at Starbucks--again--and I ordered 3 petite scones. I only had 2 kids with me but the price was either $.75 each or 3 for $1.95. The clerk charged me $.75 for each one. So I had a moment in my head. It's just 30 cents. But it's my 30 cents and I only ordered 3 because of the 3 for $1.95 price. And then there are all those times this summer that they've cheated me out of 60 cents. So I stood my ground and pointed out the mistake. The clerk became flustered. She blamed the computer (could have been--doesn't really matter). She didn't know what to do or how much money was involved. She asked me if she should call the manager. "Yes," I said. The manager overrided the price and I got my 30 cents.

During this small exchange I never showed one smidge of annoyance or anger. I just told her it wasn't a problem besides anybody can make a mistake. But the point is that I was overcharged and no matter how little it's just not right. Thanks Donna Freedman for teaching me to speak up for savings.

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  1. Celeste: Thanks so much for linking to my post! I'm glad that it inspired you to request (politely) the deal that was advertised. Don't let them make you feel bad about holding them to their word: If they advertise three for $1.95, then they should give them to you at $1.95.
    Best regards,
    Donna Freedman