Thursday, September 4, 2008

Price check from your phone with Google text

I've had it with my food processor. Sure it slices and dices in seconds, but I just can't continue trying to catch the potato or zuccini slivers that it sends flying around my kitchen. I'm not an impulse buyer so I've been putting up with this behavior for many months. Then yesterday I actually decided to start looking into a new purchase. Remember I'm not an impulse buyer so it could be a few more months before I actually buy.

I heard that Google has price check service that is through text messaging. This is super handy because it's through your regular cell phone. You don't need Internet access, just a text message enabled phone. Of course as the fine print always says regular text messaging rates apply--so it's not free.

I began looking at Best Buy. I looked at the Cuisanart Smart Power 7. It was priced at $89.99. I sent a text to Google at 466453. In the body of the message I typed the word “price” (no quotation marks) followed by the brand and model (Cuisanart Smart Power 7). In an instant I received a reply that told me Macy's had the same item for $54.99.

Then I looked at the Kithenaid 7-Cup which listed for $99.99 at Best Buy. Google came back with two options Best Buy at $99.99 and Bed, Bath and Beyond at $99.99.

This is so cool! And at this moment I love technology (not so much at other times). You can use this simple service to help you when you're standing in the store contemplating whether you should drive across town to see if there is a better deal.

Of course I didn't purchase anything. I still have to do my online research, but I'll be using my phone to price check.

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