Monday, October 20, 2008

Check Your Home Value

I was wandering around on the Coors Credit Union site this weekend and found a hidden little gem. Honestly I can't even remember why my clicking led me to the loan section. But anyway there it was at along the top nav bar.

So if you click this link, you'll be taken to a window that asks you to enter your street address. Then up pops you home value along with similar properties in your neighborhood including the last sale amount, date of sale, age of house, square footage, #bedrooms/baths--typical stuff you'd see on a real estate listing.

You probably know your home value from your spring county assessment. But this quick check can help you assess your loan-to-value and see how area home sales are going. You can also use it to check the value of a home you are interested in purchasing. And you'll be able to see how the price of a home you are thinking about compares to the market.

This tool is quick, handy and right there on your credit union website.

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