Monday, October 13, 2008

Speaking of Budgets

It's October and we're all looking at budgets right now. Businesses typically review their budget and plan for the upcoming year. I'm looking at our family budget, as I do monthly, to see where we can cut back or make other adjustments. Municipalities are also reviewing their annual budgets--you should too.

The budget of the community in which you live should be as important to you as your home budget. It's at this level of government that you really can have a say.

In my town, which isn't Golden or Arvada, but somewhere slightly north, we've got budget issues. And so I can't just sit back and let the trustees spend on some things when we really need other things.

Washington Street improvements are a major line item in the proposed 2009 Golden budget.

photo by Ken Lund

Fortunately every town has a system for informing residents of budget allocation plans. For Golden residents City Council will have public hearings about the 2009 capital budget and 10-year capital improvement plan at their next three business meetings, Oct. 23, Nov. 6 and Nov. 13 before adopting a final plan. The capital budget and 10-year improvement plan are available at City Hall for anyone who would like a copy, and city staff members are available to answer questions about the budget. The budget is also available on the city's Web site at

Make it your civic duty to review your town budget. You ought to know how they are spending your tax dollars. If we all took a little more proactive approach to government spending we might just be able to keep this country in check. And if you choose not to at least take a look, you should also choose not to complain.

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