Thursday, November 13, 2008

Recycle technology items for free on America Recycles Day

I have an old computer that's been sitting in our basement for about 2-3 years. Partly because we forget about it, partly because we always think we resurrect it and partly because it's such a pain to get rid of. In the past we've gotten rid of them by donating, but not many places will take old computers anymore. Our recycling center takes them for a small fee, but I'm cheap and lazy and always believe that we could make better use out of the old beast. Honestly, though, no one in our household is savvy enough to make it useful again.

So imagine my excitement when I learned about Staples participation in America Recycles Day. Staples is offering to take old desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printers and fax machines this Saturday (11/15) for America Recycles Day. To sweeten the deal for each item you recycle the store will also give you a $30 off coupon to use in their store or online.

Staples is also running their Mountains of Technology program which donates $5 per recycled item to local high schools. The only stores participating in the Mountains of Technology are Littleton and Boulder. They'll divide their donations between three high schools in each area.

So don't forget America Recycles Day-Saturday, Nov. 15. Even if you don't have an old computer to take to Staples you can step up your recycling efforts.

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