Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shopping Wireless Carriers

Right on cue my LG phone is slowly dying. I've got a little less than six months on my Verizon contract and the phone is holding less charge everyday. This leads me to look at my wireless bill, which is equally painful. Plus, I'm a bit suspicious of all the special offers Verizon has been sending me for free upgrades if I'll sign a new 2-year contract early.

So I've decided to start my research now for a new phone and possible new service. I clicked over to BillShrink.com to compare wireless plans.

Here's what I found (click to see larger)

Tmobile looks good, but it seems to me that I've heard murmurs of poor service. I am however, impressed with BillShrink's speed. It gives a good estimate to start from and would be nice to save over $700/year. The site doesn't include Qwest. So I my next step is to take a look at Qwest and possibly make the dreaded customer service call.

Who's your favorite wireless provider?

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