Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Economy hits pets

My dog has this habit that drives me crazy. She barks for her dinner and then once she gets it she nudges it around until it spills all over the floor. I'm certain that she's searching through the bowl for something better. I used to feel kinda sorry for her. I mean really I would like to eat the same old kibbles everyday either. But the truth is she doesn't eat kibbles. She eats quite well. Because of alergies, her dog food is made mostly of salmon and sweet pototoes. And because we all feel sorry for her she gets plenty of chicken, cheese, eggs and her favorite treat...marshmallows. And when I realize this I'm more likely to look at her and think, "You are one lucky pooch, Claire."

More and more animals aren't so lucky. It's a sad reality that many loving pet owners have been forced to choose to give up their pets out of survival. Sometimes its a matter of paying the heating bill vs. affording pet food and veterinary care.

In a USA Today article Humane Society spokeswoman Pam Wiese said the obedience-trained purebreds came into the shelter up-to-date on vaccinations and dental care and were well-groomed.
"It is really sad, because for these people, it is not an excuse. They are absolutely stuck, and they need to downsize and there is no one to take the pets," she said. "You can tell these have been much-loved pets."

Some people might think it's silly that I give my dog special food. Yep, whenever I buy it I have to wonder about my sanity. But paying for pricey dog food is much better than the pain she suffers because even foods like IAMs and other top shelf brands include common allergens. Still I could never turn a family member out and the dog is part of the family.

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