Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good News: Gas Prices on the Rise

Last week I had one of those moments when I needed a hair cut IMMEDIATELY! I couldn't take another moment, so I booked on over to the mall. The haircut cost me a total of $18 including tip. A cheap thrill to satisfy my emergency. But what was more satisfying was the social observations made while waiting for and getting my haircut. And I'll bet if I'd paid $45 or more in a salon I wouldn't have had the same priceless experience.

The guy in the seat next to me made a comment about how he was sad to see gas prices so low. (Remember this was last week, prices are slowly on their way up again this week.) The stylist was shocked, but he went on to explain how the high prices actually motivated people to do something. And he's right.

Since the economy has been sliding there is more talk about living frugally and getting more mileage out of our dollars.

In the blog post Secret of the Rich: Money is Absolute, Not Relative MoneyUnder30 discusses how our money perspective changes as our income changes.

It's kind of like the old saying that money can't buy happiness. Maybe a crazy economy get give us all a better perspective.

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