Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheap Fun Week: Blingo!

Having fun doesn't have to ruin your finances. This week we'll explore some offbeat, some new and some old means of entertainment. And if these don't do it for you, well you can just take a hike--for free!


Bingo isn't just for seniors anymore. Sputnik Cafe (part of the Hi-Dive) has taken the geriatric pastime to the hip side and renamed it BLINGO. Hostess and member of the Denver cool kids, Brandi Shigley, added a twist to the game by combining it with an ever changing fashion show. But that's not all that's cool about this game night.

First off it takes place on Mondays from 9P to 12A. Your first Bingo card is free...yep it's still a traditional Bingo card. After that each card is only $1. To keep the night cheap you can drink Miller Lites for 1 buck each (sorry Coors).
But friends, that's not all. There's even free music brought to you by DJ Instamatic. Plus, if you score BINGO there are cash and fashion prizes. Not a bad way to welcome in the work week and have some cheap fun.

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