Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day for the Cheap and Unoriginal

photho by tonguetyed

Ah yes, that's me. I rarely think of a creative Valentine's Day gift. Part of me thinks...Why should I? Isn't that his responsibility. Well, but then again if I don't take control of the situation then I'm just setting up unrealistic expectations.

So for all those who can't think of anything and who are me...there is Eating out isn't that creative but this website definitely appeals to my inner cheapskate. At this site you can purchase dining gift certificates that you can give or use for participating restaurants. You just type in the zip code or area that you want to go to and taadaa lots of places show up. From upscale to sandwich shops.

Usually you'll pay $3 for a $10 gift certificate. A $25 gift certificate goes for $10. Higher amounts are available at comparable discounts. That's a tasty savings.

Some restaurants put restrictions on when they can be used so look carefully. There's no waiting for the certificate to be mailed, you just print it right away and go eat. Very simple.

I think this will be a fun and low-risk way to try some place new. I like that you can glance at the menu before you purchase. Reservations can also be made online, which should be super convenient for the busy cupid day.

It's also great for traveling since restaurants throughout the country are signed up with the service.

But do the restaurants like it? According to the website, yes. It helps promote there business and get diners in, something they are struggling with right now.

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