Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hey Mom, Dad, get a Free Education!

Maybe you've always wanted to go back to school to boost or change your career. But in this economy putting out money for college can seem like a risky idea. Just holding on to your current job might be tough enough. Well here are two opportunities that might interest you:

1) Project Working Mom...and Dads too! This is a scholarship program by The program offers a full scholarship to working moms, and this year dads are also eligible.

"We launched Project Working Mom as a response to staggering statistics indicating that working moms are an underserved population that simply need to overcome the obstacles of time, money and confidence to achieve the education they need to improve their lives," said Helen MacDermott, content director for Project Working Mom. "But in today's economy, we realize there are plenty of dads who are also in desperate need of financial aid and deserve a chance to tell their stories, too."

Scholarship applications are open until April 30, 2009, scholarship recipients will be notified and posted here in May 2009. The fund has over $2 million to offer free-ride online degrees.

2) Women Higher Entrepreneurship Learning Program (HELP) This one is for women only. It is offered by Leeds School of Business and Deming Center of Entrepreneurship at University of Colorado in Boulder. This program is entirely free and entirely online. It is a resource center web site that offers virtual training and regional networking to facilitate and support entrepreneurship and micro enterprise development for women. It is comprised of 6 online courses covering Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Bookkeeping & Accounting, Financing New Ventures, Team Building and E-Commerce. While not a degree program recipients who successfully complete will receive certificate from the Deming Center, Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado at Boulder. This is an intense program with assignments and projects.

Education is always a good investment. To make it easier to afford search online or check out this site that has a database of online degrees and scholarships.

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