Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cell Phone Scam Alert

Recently another Colorado credit union reported that its members were receiving fraudulent calls to their cell phones. It works a lot like phishing. The recipient gets a call to their cell phone. Upon answering they will hear a recorded message such as, "This is a message from your bank, XYZ Credit Union, announcing that your Visa Debit Card has been temporarily suspended. Please dial 0 to reactivate your card." As you might have guessed, if someone presses 0, they are then asked to enter the debit card number, the expiration date and the security number.

Please don't fall for this. If you should receive a call like this be sure to capture the incoming phone number. Then contact the credit union or any other named financial institution and follow up by contact the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

Wow, that sure would be some fancy technology if your credit union could reactivate your card in this manner. But rest assured even if they could, they wouldn't. Remember, not your credit union nor any other financial institution would never ask you for ANY personal information such as account numbers, social security or PIN via the telephone or email.

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