Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin

The following is not a joke. This a roundup of true stories that could affect you.

  • The Make Work Pay credit goes into effect today. You could see between $10 and $20 extra in your pay that's up to $400/year. CNN points out the details.
  • There's a Conficker Worm on the loose and it's looking for you computer. CBS tells you how to protect yourself if you haven't already.
  • Chase will be refunding $4.4 million in sneaky fees to their credit card customers. Read about at The Consumerist.
  • Also at The Consumerist--Ford will make your car payments for 1 year if you lose your job.

But enough of that. For some real April Fool's Day fun test your friends' ESP skill, but first watch the instruction video below. Then follow the link below the video to the ESP test.

Link to ESP test

Have a foolish day!

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