Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seller's Face Picky Buyers

The housing market looks terrific if you are looking to buy, but for sellers it can be stressful as competition tightens. I’m sure my street isn’t that much different from any other Denver metro suburb. At one end there are three houses in row with for sale signs. So how does a seller differentiate, particularly when most houses on the same street are mostly alike?

Beyond clean windows and trim landscaping sellers are challenged to have their homes “move in” ready. Buyers can be choosey and may reject your home’s plumbing repair needs over the house next door even if that other house needs the grass cut.

It might seem insignificant to make small repairs that could which make a big difference to buyers. But, for sellers, dealing with picky buyers can be a real pain. Just when you think you’re ready to go, some buyer starts complaining.

Some realtors are recommending that sellers pay for a home inspection before they’ve even got an interested buyer. It might seem like an unnecessary investment and every dollar put out takes away from your sale, but an inspection might give you a heads up to necessary repairs.
And if you’re thinking that you can just right in repair allowances into a contract (i.e. carpet allowance is common) forget it. Remember that “move in” expectation.

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