Monday, June 15, 2009

All of your recycle/reuse questions answered

My daughter and I were driving by the donation box in a parking lot when she said, "Yuck, a mattress. That shouldn't be donated." I had to agree. I'd never buy a used mattress and I'm not even sure the donation centers accept them. But what do you do with old mattresses? Add them to the landfill?

Well, for this burning question and an infinite amount of others there is a resource. How Can I Recycle This? Let's you ask all kinds of reclying questions. Readers post their answers through the comment system. Sometimes the answers are completely practical. Other times they are quite creative.

The answer to the mattress dilemna that I liked best is the Stone Golem. Yeah, that's a little weird, but would be a hit at Halloween.

Check it out and post your questions. It's fun to see what people will come up!

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