Friday, July 17, 2009

Buying a car isn’t always logical-The Conclusion

I completely expected my chronicles of an illogical car purchase to extent through this entire week. There was, as usual, a lot of back and forth, should we—shouldn’t we, what if’s—how about’s, maybe this one—maybe that one stuff going on in our heads, on the computer and on paper. Then Monday night we made the decision to keep the Ford. I was happy with that. And then came Tuesday...the Ford broke down.

We took it in late that day, so of course it couldn't be looked at until Wednesday. As if that wasn't enough, on Wednesday I borrowed my husband's car to go to Denver and one minute I was happily driving down the road and the next the engine just stopped. I'll skip the details on this one and tell that I am so glad I was prepared--knitting helps the time go by.

The Ford came back yesterday. It turns out that last week's minor repair to the Ford was a symptom of another problem. We're still keeping it. The other car was also minor, but it's still acting a little weird.

We are planning to drive to Yellowstone on Sunday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this week isn't a precursor of things to come. Or maybe all five of us will end up somewhere in Wyoming living off the land in a pop-up camper and give up cars.

For now let's hope that the vehicle drama is over I can focus on keeping two teenagers and a preschooler happy during a 10 hour drive?

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