Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick Assessment of your ID Theft Risk

I stumbled upon a free service that assesses your ID theft risk in an instant. is by ID Analytics the same company that provides financial, healthcare, retail and government services with data intelligence and interpretation. ID Analytics’ network contains billions of basic identity elements such as name, Social Security number, phone number, date of birth, and address.

With My ID Score you type in some basic information such as name, current address, phone number and birth date. Within seconds the program scans it database to find previous address matches to narrow down the data.

You then get a scoring. Below is mine:
"A My ID Score of 463 indicates a MODERATE risk of identity fraud.
There is a moderate likelihood that information pertaining to you has or will soon be used to commit fraud endangering your good name. People with this level of risk are approximately four times more likely to be a victim of identity theft than the average consumer. Because your personal My ID Score is at an elevated level, and while no system can detect 100% of possible fraudulent activity, we recommend you take the following preventative steps as a precautionary measure:"

The precautionary measures include ordering your credit report, putting a fraud alert on your credit accounts and, naturally, ordering some of ID Analytics protection products.
My IDS core is not a credit score. Credit scores are calculated from the information held in the files of credit bureaus. My ID Score, in contrast, assesses the likelihood that an individual's identity information is being used fraudulently.

Though a little creepy, it’s not surprising that My ID Score can locate information about you. Have you ever Googled someone? It’s not hard.
I like the barometer reading on ID theft risk that this site gives, but I’m not likely to purchase one of their products. I would say that it is definitely worth checking.

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