Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't Pay for Your Money!

All physical branches of financial institutions will be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving Day, but of course that doesn't bother most of us because we know we can get cash at ATMs if needed. But please, don't let a little thing like a holiday cause you to lose your senses and pay to get your own money.

ATM surcharge fees are the charged by the bank owning the ATM. Let me explain more to be perfectly clear--this is the fee that is shown on the screen that says something like "Hey, did you know that if you had a BankXYZ card you wouldn't have to pay $2.75 just to get your own money? Would you like to continue giving your money away?"

There is no need to give in to this robbery. I don't care if you are 500 miles from your credit union. You have choices.

Easy choice #1: Go buy a pack of gum and use the cash back option. It costs you nothing! Except the price of gum, which by the way is a bit crazy.

Easy choice #2: Find a Co-Op ATM. This is the credit union ATM network and these machines will not charge you a surcharge fee. Find them easy online if you're a plan ahead type or have a web enabled phone. Or Text your location – address, intersection or zip code – to 692667 (MYCOOP) from any mobile phone or download the database of more than 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs directly to your Garmin, Tom Tom or other GPS device here.
Be safe, have fun and don't pay to get your own money!

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