Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Clearing out of 2009

In my mission to wrap of the year I’m getting rid of stuff. We’ve all got a lot of stuff cluttering up our lives. Either you look at it thinking that it is treasure and you’ll use it someday or you think that it’s junk and no one would want it. Either way it’s a shame to just toss it in the trash. So enters into my life Freecylce.

Freecycle really proves that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. I know people who find great stuff given away on Freecycle. Meanwhile I look and only see junk. The other day someone was giving away a torn and worn twin size comforter. It was taken within minutes. I’ve also seen people request old toilets, scrap wood and opened paint with which they’ve remodeled their homes just by re-using free stuff.

So in my clearing out 2009 I’m gathering broken electronics, like a TV and monitors, and other miscellaneous stuff for Freecyle. Freecylce listings are localized and require you to join the local Yahoo group. Between this and Craigslist I hope to have no problem clearing out.

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