Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ariana Huffington says, "Move Your Money"

I like to think that everyone reading this blog has a credit union account. But I also hope that some readers do not. My bigger wish is that your reading this blog will somehow translate to a recognition that credit unions want to help all consumers make the most of their money. And knowing that you might do the right thing and get your friends and family to stop supporting big banks and open a credit union account.

Ariana Huffington agrees, "When the big banks see real competition from the community banks and credit unions they will change their ways."

Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, has taken her message to social media with Move Your Money. Huffington presents a sentimental and no-nonsense good-guy vs. bad-guy illustration to convey the message of smaller banking institutions. Naturally whenever this message is presented we get warm and fuzzies. But shouldn't doing the right thing feel good? It's time to fight back, people. Our weapons are cash. Recruit your friends and family from the pain of supporting big banks.

Spread the word follow Move Your Money on Twitter or join the fanclub on Facebook.

NOTE: the zip code search feature at this time only includes FDIC insured institutions. I have contacted Move Your Money to ask them to include NCUA insured credit unions. So don't be alarmed that Coors Credit Union does not come up in a search--no credit unions are listed. Here's a more reliable way to locate credit unions.

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