Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What RedSide Solutions Can Do For You

Two things that seem to power the world (depending on your perspective) are the two things that we have such a hard time talking about: love and money. Actually we talk about both of these a lot, but often not in a way that gives any meaningful information. This blog isn't about your love life, so I'm going to avoid that topic (perhaps just to prove my point). But, on the topic of money, we're really just beginning to open up.

So many of us have hangups, wherever their basis come from, around money. Mostly this can be blamed on our parents who never talked about money. Which probably comes from their parents not talking about money. Which probably stems from the depression era when parents did want to upset their kids, so they didn't talk about money. I'm not sure how far this tradition of not talking about money goes, but it's gone on long enough.

The typical reason we hold our realities about our personal finances so tightly is because we don't want others to know how little we actually understand money. But the thing is the more we wear the mask of "I'm OK" the worse our problems get.

Since their inception, credit unions have made it their mission to help people conquer their money fears. Without judgement, lecturing or incredulousness credit unions make themselves available to dig people out of financial messes, straighten out unruly record keeping, and just general show people how to effectively manage their money. Over the years, however, this invaluable service has been flying under the radar and only a few people take advantage of it. But this past year has been a veritable perfect storm of an unsympathetic economy.

That's where Coors Credit Union's RedSide Solutions program comes in. Don't let the officialness of the title fool you. RedSide Solutions is all about that traditional Credit Union spirit of people helping people. It's designed to get your personal finances on track no matter how close you've stayed or how far you've wandered from the path. It's about making you successful.

So here's a sampling of what RedSide Solutions can do for you:

  • establish a budget

  • explore ways to increase your cash flow

  • conduct an interest rate checkup to see if your current loan rates are the best possible

  • help you manage your banking

Don't think your financial questions are too big or too small to ask about. If you've got questions, then RedSide Solutions is for you. Find out more or schedule an appointment.

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