Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I.D. Theft Ring Busted in JeffCo

(photo CBS4)

Yesterday Jefferson County police nabbed 8 suspects in a large, but unsophisticated identity theft ring. The four men and four women apparently were connected by drugs. There methods of gaining access to personal information may have been mainly trying car door handles. The team scoured areas looking for unlocked cars often finding easy access to wallets and other items.

So much for the not in my backyard mentality many of us have when it comes to ID theft. This certainly was a sizeable operation and close to home. How many times have you left your wallet in the car while it sat in your driveway? Dropped the kiddies off at school with your purse sitting in the car? It seems that the simple things were just enough to keep this crew going.

CBS4 ran the story last night with comments from, Jefferson County District Attorney, Scott Storey. You can learn more about ID theft at the Coors Credit Union Seminar, Scary Things You Should Know About Your Privacy, Saturday, March 29th.

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