Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Making New Friends at College

by Luke McIlwee

If you’re a senior in high school this year, college is just around the corner. Whether you’re staying in state or heading across the country the idea of leaving your house can be pretty scary. Mom won’t be there to do your laundry, your dad won’t be there to yell at you for not doing the dishes and you won’t have a little sister there to pick on. Things will be very different. The idea of becoming independent can be nerve-wracking, and not knowing anyone will mean you have to make new friends. Although everything in your life might be pretty crazy right now, you can rest easier with some tips on how to survive your first semester away from home.

The first thing on your mind when you arrive on campus will probably regard your new social life. The good news is, you won’t be alone. Everyone who is new to the campus will be on the hunt for new friends. So take a deep breath, gather your confidence and get into a social mood. One of the first people you meet will probably be your room mate, so get in good with him/her first and then team up to go create your new social circle. There will probably be plenty of freshman seminars and meetings the first couple of weeks so you will have plenty of opportunities to meet a lot of people. Remember, these people chose the same college you did so you already have something in common. Just smile and say hi!

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  1. Great advice Luke. I am a freshman at the University of Northern Colorado and can easily agree! Good luck buddy!