Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sorry, That Flight has been Cancelled

Enough of this spring snow. I'm ready for some sun on some exotic beach. Oh, but wait my flight has been cancelled.

Planning a trip isn't as exciting these days with all the horror stories of cancellations and delays. You might be able to avoid struggling airlines, but not always. There are a few steps you can take to lessen your risk of losing money and your mind on cancelled flights.

Book your flight with a credit card AND check your cancellation coverage. Really I don't know anyone who pays for flights any other way. Some card companies don't actually pay the airline until the flight occurs. And some cards cary travel insurance or other protection for cancelled flights.

Speaking of might be a good idea or a waste of money. Be sure it includes coverage for cancellations due to airline financial trouble--not just cancelled flights. This may not be included in a basic package. Often the flight will need to have been cancelled within 14 days of the insurance purchase--check the details before you buy.

Check-in online and check your flight status before you leave for the airport. This is always a good idea, but can also help you discover flight cancellations before you travel out to DIA.

What Not to Expect--Don't expect a belly up airline to refund your cancelled flight. And don't think that another airline will honor your ticket. Think about it, it just doesn't make sense. This will only happen if you've banked some good karma points or are very lucky.

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