Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Mysterious Private Investor Letters

There's a mystery in Arvada that sounds like it needs the help of some meddling kids. Seems that somebody heard that some people who live along the proposed Gold Line lightrail route have received letters that their houses will be claimed by the route. The letters were sent by another somebody who claims to be a private investor. This private investor somebody states that the homes are targeted for condemnation, and offers to take it off the owners hands at a reduced rate. The mystery is that nobody knows who any of these somebodies are!

City Manager, Craig Kocian, brought the whole whodunit to the Arvada City Council Meeting on April 7th. But Kocian hasn't actually seen the letter. He and other officials thought that resident, Jan Eckhardt had received it. But when contacted by Mile High Newspapers she denied receiving the letter, but said she had heard about it. An RTD spokesperson has also heard of the letter.

So is it a rumor? An scam? A hoax? A man behind a mask? No one seems to know. What we do know is that neither the City of Arvada nor RTD plan to demolish any houses for the Gold Line lightrail route. Rell, rat's rood!!

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