Thursday, May 22, 2008

Presidential Challenge

by guest blogger, Lynn Ritter, Coors Credit Union Member Services Supervisor

Every morning I wake up and think, “This is a new day. This is the day you are going to start eating more vegetables than carbohydrates. This is the day you are going to work out, drink lots of water, and feel fantastic.” Then sometime after lunch, I change my tune to “Tomorrow will be a new day.” After reading an article on I found new inspiration to be healthy. Now it is not only a duty to myself, it’s my duty to America.

The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports are challenging Americans to be fit and stay fit with their new President’s Challenge Adult Fitness Test. The test includes flexibility, aerobic, muscular strength, endurance, and a body composition test. You perform the test with a buddy or on your own. The data can be entered on their website and evaluated against others that have done the test. Besides the self-satisfaction of being healthy the council also provides a little more inspiration through awards that can be attained. Check out the website at:

President Eisenhower started the council in 1953 because he was concerned about the physical fitness of school children. The group has been a pioneer in physical fitness programs for children and now adults. Several prominent people in the community have been on the council. Including a pumped up California governor.

I hope this also inspires you to join me in the counsel’s goal for a healthy America.

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