Monday, June 30, 2008

Deletes and Additions in the Air

New Benefit?
Earlier this month Frontier announced that they were expanding in-flight service options. What?! Does this mean that the airline is actually going to give something in order to make themselves competitive? Kinda.

The Denver-based carrier added MTV, CBS, FOX, USA, Comedy Central, ESPNU and the CW channels to its mainline flights. Additionally, Frontier shuffled its DirectTV pricing last month. Passengers who opt to watch DirectTV on short-haul destinations such as to Albuquerque and Dallas, among others, will pay $3.99. DirectTV for longer-haul destinations now cost $5.99. Pay-per-view prices remain $8 on all flights.

Adding entertainment options makes Frontier a bit more attractive in a time when air travel is becoming evermore uncomfortable.

Cancelled Flights
On the other end of the spectrum is United Airlines which recently announced the cancellation of their direct Denver-London flights. The carrier sighted rising fuel costs as the reason for the cancellation. Anyone who travels internationally for business knows what a bummer this is. The lack of direct flights from Denver to Europe adds a lot of time and wear.

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