Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Evaluating Hybrid Vehicles

photo by calebegg
You know that consumers are taking gas prices and use seriously when it becomes socially unacceptable to waste gas. I overheard some people talking in a local coffee shop about some foolish driver they saw speeding. The point of their conversation was not that the driver was reckless, but that they were clueless.

Meanwhile, more people are pondering the purchase of hybrid vehicles. It's not a question of whether the current car is still usable or not, it's whether gas only cars are practical.

To help with the decision I found this interesting and well researched article. (Hey, if somebody else has done the work, why reinvent it? Right?) Really this is a very good post by FrugalTrader.

I like how FrugalTrader determines the payback period for the costs of a hybrid. For more information on specific models check out this MSNBC article.

photo by tray

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