Friday, August 22, 2008

Keep Your Cool

Every body's got tips on how to save energy and/or save money around the home, but don't you just how these tips really save? Well, hellooo Mr. Electricity. He's the man with all of the answers to those questions that you've never bothered to have answered. You know, things like:
  • What's a watt?
  • How do you measure energy use?
  • Is it cheaper to leave a light on than to switch it on?

And Mr. Energy is all about conserving energy and saving money. His #1 tip? Focus on the big energy users in your home first. Just what is that energy hog? The winner For the average home has gotta be the AC. But now here's a spoiler...the hot water heater is vying for biggest energy user and might even beat out the AC.

It's not really that hard to cut down on your support of coal-based energy. Below is a chart (click it to make it bigger) from Mr. Electricity with some easy changes you can make and how much you'll save by doing them.

Oh and to be fair Mr. Electricity assumes a a cost of 10¢/kWh.

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