Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thinner Fitter in the New Economy?

For those of us who are optimists it's quite clear that we're living in a transition period. The economy is a rough place right now but I do believe that when all of this passes we'll be in much better shape--literally.

I'm sure I'm not the only genius, prophesier or more likely stator-of-the-obvious who can see that the cost of gas is getting up and moving our atrophied behinds to walk, bike, scoot and skip to where we need to be. But there are more signs.

Cereal boxes and ice cream cartons have been slowly shrinking their packaging. And just this week the headlines are all over the announcement by the Hershey Company will be raising the price of chocolate candies. They've already shrunk sizes so they're left with no alternative but to raise prices.

Aside from angry women with PMS we shouldn't be too upset by this. Besides those women in need will happily shell out more for chocolate. Meanwhile everyone else can forget about dieting. It's like a natural correction. We've been hearing for years that we're all too fat, now with increased food expenses we'll eat less.

photo by elkit

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