Thursday, September 17, 2009

50 Unusual Uses for Usual Things

So speaking of recycling and upcycling here are some ideas of things that you can do with stuff you already have. Note: I'm not saying that I have tried all of these things, but they are kinda fun.

Use tea to freshen your toilet. Save the plastic hanger from those fake smelling toilet deodorizers, but swap out the insides with a tea scent of your choice.

Use a toothpick to mark the end of tape. Don’t you just hate the time you waste trying to find the end of clear tape? To make it easier after each use, place a toothpick under the loose end. The next time you have something to seal, pick up where you left off.

Protect your hearing with these nifty tennis ball earmuffs.

Sandpaper as a scissors sharpener. When your scissors go dull, just use them to cut through sandpaper a few times and they will be sharper.

6 Unusual Uses for Tooth Paste: Stop itching bug bites and minor rashes, clean up Kool-Aid stains, sooth minor burns, clean ivory piano keys, remove smells from your hands, spot clean your shoes.

Use a candle to release a stuck zipper. Olive oil may also do the trick.

Give yourself a one-of- a-kind manicure with stamps. I like this one a lot because I like being different. Find some interesting stamps with the same or alternating patterns, trim and apply.

When you don’t have a tea ball for your loose leaf teas try a household stapler and some tissue paper.

Once that tissue box is empty you can use it to store plastic bags.

Give yourself some room on the road by installing a conventional fold-out ruler, apply something shiny and reflective and strap it to the back of your ride.

Use Spaghetti as a candle-lighter. Just light the end and put a stop to burnt fingertips.

5 Unusual Uses for Old CDS: mini hovercraft, disco ball, lamp, “q-ball” and sculptures.
28 Unusual Uses for Coca-Cola: (Really!? I’ll never drink the stuff again!) clean a toilet bowl, remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers, clean corrosion from car battery terminals, cook, loosen a rusty bolt, bake a moist ham, remove grease from clothes, clean rust in a bathtub, clean milk stains from clothes, make barbecue sauce, prevent an asthma attack, relieve constipation, prevent diarrhea, condition hair, fertilize azaleas or gardenias, clean eyeglasses, clean tarnished pennies, strip paint off metal patio furniture, get rid of fruit flies, boost a compost bin, prevent flatulence, relieve an upset stomach, kill slugs or snails, mousse hair, sooth a jellyfish sting, clean blood stains from clothes, soothe a sore throat, neutralize skunk odor.

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