Friday, April 25, 2008


By Luke McIlwee

I went to Prom recently and had a blast. We danced, laughed and had fun all night. But some kids that went didn’t have fun all night. They decided to drink and got caught at the dance. This means that they can’t attend our schools graduation ceremony... ouch! Obviously these kids didn’t seriously consider the consequences of their actions. I think that an essential tool to throw in your bag of tricks is the ability to analyze decisions and rationalize cause and affect relationships.

Whether it be how to spend your paycheck, when to start doing your taxes or whether you should force down the rest of that cheeseburger, the decisions we make in life will effect us one way or another. Your choices will not only effect you personally, but most likely everyone around you. Those kids who decided to drink are not only going to regret not being able to receive their diploma on stage, but you can bet their family is going to be devastated not see their kid recognized for their achievement.

With that being said not only should you not drink at your senior prom, but you should make decisions that are going to positively affect everyone. I make the decision to smile at everyone I see. This brightens up their day, and it’s kind of hard to be in a bad mood when you’re smiling.

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