Thursday, April 24, 2008

Escapades in Frugality

So last night I was reading about a new wiki, called Fruwiki. Wait you’ve never heard of a wiki? Yes, you have. You know, like Wikipedia. Still don’t know? Click here. Anyway you know how a search on the Internet starts your mind and mouse wondering to all sorts of loosely related topics. That is why they call it the Web. Well, my mind works the same way. I was all set to dive into Fruwiki, the wiki for all things frugal, when I realized it’s not that interesting yet. But what is interesting is my husband’s recent frugal victory. It goes like this…

We need ceiling fans in every bedroom ‘cause it’s sweltering hot at night in the summer. And because I’m cheap and I hate having the windows closed. So I won’t run the air conditioner. Thus, no one sleeps in our house in the summer. Ceiling fans, we hope, will be the answer to our dreams.

We’ve lived in this house for 7 years. Every year we vow to get fans. I decided that this is THE YEAR. So I picked out fans online. Then I found those fans at Costco for cheaper. I thought I was so cool. But, Neil, that’s my guy, did much better. He found similar a fan on eBay for $90 less. Then he contacted the seller to see if there were 4 available and if they’d take less money for them. Yes and Yes. Score! We’re saving $400!

Neil is so awesome at bargaining. I am not, so good thing I have him. Morals of the story: Seek and you shall find. Ask not, want not. And don’t think you’re hot snot.


  1. Hi, I don't know if you got my previous comment because Blogspot was acting up.

    Either way, thanks so much for checking out FruWiki, and for mentioning it. I just launched it this month, so it is really in its infancy -- though growing fast. I've been adding things pretty almost daily, and some other people have started contributing. I hope you will check back on it regularly and consider contributing.

    Great deal on the fans, by the way! And I love the "morals" at the end!

  2. Free stuff on Craiglist is fun to check out too. I met a couple who was trying to furnish their entire house from free stuff on Craigslist.