Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Pinochle Party (Cheap Fun Week)

Having fun doesn't have to ruin your finances. This week we're exploring the offbeat, new and old means of entertainment. And if these don't do it for you, well you can just take a hike--for free!

Like every other kid I never realized how cool my parents were. But now I have these great memories of their frequent parties. As we kids got older those parties fizzled away, but today I'm here to rally to bring back the Pinochle Parties.

I'm not sure how much pinochle was played at the parties. When they weren't playing my parents and their friends were often trying to hypnotize each other or the women were in the kitchen attempting to pierce each others ears. Yep, the Pinochle Parties sure made for great memories (Hey Robby, wherever you are. I had so much fun in our rocket ship. Your mom was nice to remove her pots and pans so we could blast off.)

You just can't buy that kind of fun. I know poker parties are big with the guys in our neighborhood, but other card games naturally invite the whole family. Only one problem I have no idea how to play. But not to worry the Card Game website lists the rules for every game. All you need to do is add the usual party food and beverages, break out the folding table and chairs and set the kiddies up with a DVD.

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